Babacan Premium Project

where all the values come together;

A brand new life with its architecture and social life…

Babacan Premium, the new address for respected individuals, happy children, and peaceful families.

All together, with harmony!

Fit Club


Imagine just for a moment about the life culture of Istanbul brought from past to today… The buildings which are the own worlds of each and every person and where comfort, aesthetics, and practicality comes together…
Do not think about your work, home, and investment; Babacan Premium offers you this comfort with a modern understanding just to let you live the future, aesthetics, and nature as you want.


A Premium Idea By Babacan

A brand new life with its architecture and social life, where all the values come together…

A mixed project consisted of Residence, Terrace, Tower, Home Office, Mall and Suites adding further to each other’s investment value…

Spare times will be replaced by entertaining moments

Pleasant moments with your beloved ones, away from the stress of the day, at alternative social life concepts prepared by taking different areas of interest into account.

Babacan Premium features pleasant surprises on every corner for the residents at every age. Artificial Pond, Outdoor Swimming Pool, and Dance Hall are at your service for making the best of your spare times.

Garden fun in the middle of the city

Having peaceful moments with your family, and getting refreshed… This is just one of the beauties offered to you by Babacan Premium.

60% of Babacan Premium is reserved for green areas and social facilities just for you to enjoy the nature, peace, and entertainment to the fullest.

Carefully selected tree and plant species inspired from the nature are styled by the leading landscape architects. Several more surprises are waiting for you to discover in the specially designed landscape area stylized with pergola, artificial ponds, jasmine pools and decorative waterfalls where the green areas stand out.

Sports is not a nine-day wonder in here.

Nothing beats starting the day with an exercise. With the sports activities offered by Premium Club to the residents of Babacan Premium with privileged services, you will refresh and refill your energy, and will enjoy working out with your neighbors and friends.

While maintaining your physical and spiritual form with special opportunities such as Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga, you will have entertaining moments at the facilities including Tennis Court and Basketball Court, and refresh yourselves at the Vitamin Bar.

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